Why CASINO ROYALE is the Best James Bond Film

जेम्स बाँडच्या चित्रपटांपैकी माझा सर्वात आवडता ‘कसिनो रोयाल’. त्याच्याबद्दल लिहायचं अनेकवेळा ठरवलेलं, नेहेमीप्रमाणेच जमलं नाही. त्यातच ही लिंक सापडली, यात मला आवडलेले जवळपास सगळे मुद्दे आहेत.. फक्त इंग्रजीत 🙂

Reel Fanatics

by Michael Neelsen

I was lukewarm on James Bond movies before I saw CASINO ROYALE. I had really enjoyed GOLDENEYE and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH as an adolescent, but as I grew older I began to grow weary of the over-the-top cornball approach taken by the majority of the films (epitomized by DIE ANOTHER DAY). I had no reason to care about the character of Bond — he’d become too unreal. Too untouchable. Too unlike a human being.

When the rights to Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel, CASINO ROYALE, were finally acquired, the Broccoli family went forward with a plan to re-imagine James Bond in Fleming’s original, realistic image. No invisible cars, no exploding pens. They brought James Bond into the post-9/11 world and turned him into a human being.

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